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Date Opponent Site
08/07/2015  5:00 Scrimmage-Cap, PD, Dalhart Caprock HS
08/08/2015 10:00am Scrimmage-Dumas/Borger AHS
08/10/2015  7:00 pm Canyon AHS
08/13-15/2015  TBA Pearland, TX Pearland, TX
08/18/2015   5:00pm Bushland, Dumas Tascosa
08/21-22/2015  TBA Allen Texas Open Allen, TX
08/25/2015  5:00pm Hereford, Dalhart AHS
08/28-29/2015  TBA Lonestar Circle of Champions Plano, TX
09/5/2015  1:00pm Permian, EP Franklin Permian
09/08/2015  7:00pm Dumas AHS
09/11/2015  6:00pm Midland AHS
09/15/2015  7:00pm Bushland AHS
09/19/2015  1:00pm Hereford Hereford
09/22/2015  6:00pm Borger Borger
09/26/2015  1:00pm Lubbock Coronado Coronado
10/02/2015  6:00pm Lubbock Monterey AHS
10/6/2015  6:30pm Tascosa Tascosa
10/10/2015  1:00pm Frenship AHS
10/13/2015  7:00pm Lubbock Coronado AHS
10/20/2015  6:30pm Lubbock Monterey Monterey
10/24/2015  1:00pm Tascosa AHS
 10/27/2015  7:00pm Frenship Frenship
Junior Varsity
Date Opponent Site
08/07/2015   TBA Scrimmage-Cap, PD, Dalhart Caprock HS
08/08/2015  10:00am Scrimmage-Dumas/Borger AHS
08/10/2015  6:00pm Canyon AHS
08/14-15/2015  TBA Hereford JV Tournament Hereford
08/18/2015  5:00pm Bushland, Dumas AHS
08/21-22/2015  TBA AISD JV Tournament Tascosa
08/25/2015 5:00pm Hereford, Dalhart Tascosa
09/05/2015  1:00pm Permian, EP Franklin Permian
09/08/2015  6:00pm Dumas AHS
09/11/2015  5:00pm Midland AHS
09/15/2015  6:00pm Bushland AHS
09/19/2015  12:00pm Hereford Hereford
09/22/2015  5:00pm Borger Borger
09/26/2015  12:00pm Lubbock Coronado Coronado
10/02/2015  5:00pm Lubbock Monterey AHS
10/06/2015  5:30pm Tascosa Tascosa
10/10/2015  12:00pm Frenship AHS
10/13/2015 6:00pm Lubbock Coronado AHS
10/20/2015  5:30pm Lubbock Monterey Monterey
10/24/2015  12:00pm Tascosa AHS
10/27/2015  6:00pm Frenship Frenship
Freshman Black
Date Opponent Site
08/07/2015   TBA Scrimmage – Cap, PD, Dalhart Caprock
08/08/2015  10:00am Scrimmage-Dumas/Borger AHS
08/10/2015   5:00pm Canyon AHS
08/14-15/2015  TBA AISD 9th Grade Tourney AHS
08/17/2015  5:00pm Bushland, Dumas, Tascosa Bushland
08/24/2015 6:00pm Hereford, Tascosa AHS
08/29/2015  10:00am Palo Duro, Caprock Palo Duro
09/01/2015  6:00pm Tascosa Tascosa
09/05/2015  TBA 9th Grade Canyon Tourney Randall
09/08/2015  5:00pm Dumas AHS
09/11/2015  4:00pm Midland AHS
09/15/2015 5:00pm Bushland AHS
09/19/2015 11:00am Hereford Hereford
09/26/2015  11:00am Lubbock Coronado Coronado
10/02/2015  4:00pm Lubbock Monterey AHS
10/06/2015  4:300pm Tascosa Tascosa
10/10/2015 11:00am Frenship AHS
10/13/2015  5:00pm Lubbock Coronado AHS
10/20/2015  4:30pm Lubbock Monterey Monterey
10/24/2015   11:00am Tascosa AHS
10/27/2015   5:00pm Frenship Frenship
Freshman Gold
Date Opponent Site
08/07/2015      TBA Scrimmage-Cap, PD, Dalhart Caprock
08/8/2015   10:00am Scrimmage-Dumas/Borger AHS
08/11/2015   12:00pm Frenship, Dumas Frenship
08/14-15/2015   TBA AISD 9th Grade Tourney AHS
08/17/2015     5:00pm Bushland, Dumas, Tascosa Bushland
08/24/2015 4:00pm Hereford, Tascosa AHS
08/29/2015   10:00am Palo Duro/Caprock Palo Duro
09/01/2015  5:00pm Tascosa Tascosa
09/05/2015   TBA 9th Grade Canyon Tourney Randall
09/08/2015 6:00pm Tascosa AHS
09/11/2015  5:00pm Midland AHS
09/14/2015 6:00pm Caprock AHS
09/19/2015 10:00am Palo Duro/Tascosa AHS
09/22/2015 5:00pm Borger Borger
09/26/2015  12:00pm Lubbock Coronado Coronado
10/02/2015   5:00pm Lubbock Monterey AHS
10/06/2015   5:30pm Tascosa Tascosa
10/10/2015   12:00pm Frenship AHS
 10/13/2015 6:00pm Lubbock Coronado AHS
10/20/2015  5:30pm Lubbock Monterey Monterey
10/24/2015 10:00am Tascosa AHS
10/27/2015  6:00pm Frenship Frenship

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